Bring Back “Train Up a Child”.

???????????????????????????????The challenges and successes of our nation Nigeria reflect exactly what is obtainable in most of our homes. Taking the abduction of the Chibok girls for example.

What is the difference between the Chibok girls who are not with their parents and children who are with their parents but do not have time for their children to teach and train them up in the way they should go?

The resultant effect of parent’s negligence to the proper holistic upbring of their children is the level of lack of manners, misbehavior, gross display of senselessness, foolishness, waywardness, corruption, disrespect and immoral attitudes of many children and youth today.

Another effect of parent’s negligence is that your children associate with rogues and other terrible people who teach them negative things and expose them to anti social activities. Parent’s understand that, as far as you are not teaching your children anything, they are not alone, they are being taught by someone, that teaching maybe negative or positive but I assure you, most of the time the teaching is negative.

Parent’s may use school teachers to give excuse, but the truth is, even many of our teachers in school today lack manners and don’t even know what it means to be a teacher talk less of teaching your child. The fact is, never leave your child’s upbring at the mercy of anyone while you are alive.

Children and young people who are not properly brought up become thieves, chain smokers, drug dealers, cultist, rapist and even terrorist.

Children and youth today will become parents tomorrow, what kind of parents are we breeding as parents?

It is very difficult to believe hypocrite. Many parents shout and talk all they can to change their children but they themselves have terrible lifestyles. For example, imagine a parent who smokes cigarette telling the child not to smoke. Parents understand that you are role models and your children do what they see you do not what they hear you say!

The family life is dying seriously because of aimless pursuit of materialism. Let me ask our parents a simple question: “when you finish chasing money and other material things at the expense of your child’s upbringing, will your possessions be safe at the long run if your child becomes a thief?” I know of a friend who has gotten to the peak of her career, celebrated outside but her home is a full of sorrow because of her wayward child. I feel pity but also pray for the family. Will you want to amass wealth today at the expense of training your child and spend the wealth tomorrow on rehabilitating your child?

Many parents are the cause of their own sorrows today because they neglect to bend their children when they are still bendable. Many parents today are sore because their children are like decayed tooth in their mouth. They don’t have peace and for those who care to pray at all, their children have become their prayer burden whereas if they had prayerfully trained them up, they should focus their prayer energy on other things.  My mum used to say “no matter how the Okro plant grows taller than the owner, the owner will still bend it to pluck Okro”. That is why the Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Parents create time for training your children so that you’ll not regret tomorrow.

In conclusion, parents if you want to live long and have peace, take the issue of training up your child in godliness seriously otherwise, heart ache, high blood pressure and other negatives awaits you. Prayerfully trust God to help you train up your child. Let he who have ear to ear, let him hear.

About Marcus

Marcus Edibogi Akor is the team leader of The Bridge Youth Development Foundation with office in Benue State, Nigeria empowering young people through leadership and entrepreneurship skills acquiring programs to realize their full potential. The Bridge is registered as a corporate body with registration number CAC/IT/NO 60651. He is a fellow of Democracy Series for Participatory Learning and Actions by Youth, Africa Season 8 (DESPLAY Africa) program of Youngstars Development Initiative and National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC, USA. He has acquired skills through several training programs both online, in Nigeria and abroad in the areas of Leadership, Peace development, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Human Reproductive Health, Monitoring & Evaluation, Information Management System, Public Health and others. He was the only youth from Nigeria to be invited to participate in 2011 Leadership and Entrepreneurship training of Kanthari International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators, India. In Kanthari, he gained Leadership, project management, Public Speaking, Fundraising and communication skills. During the training, he attended two months internship in The Apparel Source, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a current Student at the International Institute for Global Leadership, USA. He loves volunteering. Marcus believes developing Youth through empowerment is critical to reaching the sustainable development we all yearn for in our country Nigeria and the world at large. I am passionate about positive social change especially in the lives of young people.
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