DSC_1039The deception involved in cheating is so great that the only beneficiary of the cheating is the person who cheats. Now why do we cheat? To show to the world what we are not?! To show to the world that we are intelligent on paper?

Your certificate carrying excellent result can never replace your ignorance, foolishness and dullness of brain. You don’t know means you don’t know. Why show to the world that you know when you actually don’t know? Does it make any sense to you?

This write up is intended to make you have a rethink on the slippery and deceptive path you are creating for yourself and generations after you. Look, don’t be deceived, the world celebrates knowledge, Nigeria celebrates knowledge and everyone including you who are engaged in malpractices celebrates knowledge too.

You may say everybody is doing it. Firstly, it is not true, secondly, even if everybody is doing it, are you everybody? You forget that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made “ (Psalm 139:14). You are not everybody. Friend, decide to take responsibility for how you live. You don’t owe anyone an apology to live right. You may want to identify with the band wagon of confused people but when tough times come, you’ll be left alone. And I assure you, tough time will definitely come but the good news is that if you know what you know, if you are prepared before time, you’ll use tough times to your own advantage.

I better fail knowing I tried my best trusting God without any form of malpractice than to succeed knowing fully well that it’s a result of malpractice!

Many of us have called malpractice “help” in the exam hall, which is indeed help to destruction of talent, intellect, ability and bright future.

When would you want to start learning and schooling yourself?

I tell my friends, the best helpanyone can do for you is before and/or after the exams, by studying and learning together, but in exam, help is malpractice! So, dear friends, the future of our dear great nation is in our hands. You can shape the future you want either to the positive or to the negative. The choice is yours my beloved friends.

Let us join hands to stop malpractice in examinations. It starts with me, it starts with you. It is not wise that you go about with results that you cannot defend, prove and be completely confident of. You see say na deception malpractice be abi?

Some even say, make we cheat, later we go know am, but the truth is you will never go back to it. However, when you don’t know and you are tested and fail, there is a high possibility that you’ll be challenged to know for yourself.

Let us stop deceiving ourselves and do the right thing, the future and today is in our hands to invest right.

Cease from all forms of exam malpractice. For as many of you, who have certificates of malpractice, repent, and ask God what to do with your corrupt certificate and do as the Holy Spirit leads you to do.

You know the irony of the whole thing is while I was still developing this piece, I went in for an exam and someone came in to pally with the invigilators to allow the sister to cheat in exams and the foolish lady was busy insulting the invigilator that put her in the “difficult situation” that won’t allow her to cheat. It is a very troubling situation. You know the whole thing makes the examination environment so unfit for exams and you begin to feel awkward where you are supposed to be relaxed to write.

Friends, a word is enough for the wise! Maximize your brain and stop examination malpractices…

God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

About Marcus

Marcus Edibogi Akor is the team leader of The Bridge Youth Development Foundation with office in Benue State, Nigeria empowering young people through leadership and entrepreneurship skills acquiring programs to realize their full potential. The Bridge is registered as a corporate body with registration number CAC/IT/NO 60651. He is a fellow of Democracy Series for Participatory Learning and Actions by Youth, Africa Season 8 (DESPLAY Africa) program of Youngstars Development Initiative and National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC, USA. He has acquired skills through several training programs both online, in Nigeria and abroad in the areas of Leadership, Peace development, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Human Reproductive Health, Monitoring & Evaluation, Information Management System, Public Health and others. He was the only youth from Nigeria to be invited to participate in 2011 Leadership and Entrepreneurship training of Kanthari International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators, India. In Kanthari, he gained Leadership, project management, Public Speaking, Fundraising and communication skills. During the training, he attended two months internship in The Apparel Source, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a current Student at the International Institute for Global Leadership, USA. He loves volunteering. Marcus believes developing Youth through empowerment is critical to reaching the sustainable development we all yearn for in our country Nigeria and the world at large. I am passionate about positive social change especially in the lives of young people.
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