I am Marcus Edibogi Akor, a Nigerian by birth. my blog is on daily events in my life and friends. I am just me and i believe in the reality that stories and experience connect us all, the more dialogue is formed, the more educated we become, the more similarities we share. So welcome to share with me in my blog.

3 Responses to About

  1. godwin agene Johnson says:

    its a great day with the bridge youth development foundation @ d personal development training held at BENUE STATE POLYTECHNIC UGBOKOLO on the 30th of May 2015


    HELLO am Goodluck Charles from Tanzania. i was inspired by the story that you gave in ur project .to my side i believe we are capable of doing any thing and reach some where better than yesterday .what we need is motivation and we need to believe on what we doing .
    am about to propose my project for secondary schools student on the issue of development in studies through various method .
    i need advice from u since its my first time doing this project .
    * what basic things should i consider when conducting such project
    *challenges i shall face and how to over come them .
    Thats all hope reply soon as you receive this message

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